Business cards have been around for at least 100 yearsIn all that time, the basic principle has remained the same; they are a tool for providing people with information about your goods, business or service. Contact information is almost always present, but these days it seems it is not enough to just have a business card.


Today, it’s important to have a card that stays in the memory for a very different reason. So here are ten examples of some truly remarkable and creative business card designs....

Emerson Taymor clearly has some confidence in his abilities if he has created a fold-out business card that features himself wearing oversized glasses.

This card for a joinery business is brilliant because not only does it look like wood, it’s actually made of wood. Brilliant and leaves a lasting impression to be sure



It’s a business card you actually won’t want to give to potential clients, strangely. The reason? Well, it’s made out of gold for a start. And...well, that’s pretty much the main reason really.

Informative and highly practical. This business card also doubles as a USB device, perfect for leaving more information with your client, or simply giving them a place to store their own work from time to time.

From Frizitka, a hair salon, comes this very chic and unique business card design. Made to represent a range of funky haircuts, it’s memorable and relevant to the business it’s representing.  

At first, it doesn’t look that creative, but once you get to play around with the card, you’ll see it becomes a moving, changeable design in the shape of a person. It’s creative and it’s perfectly suited to the business it is promoting - pilates classes.

Whilst still on the fitness track, this design for a Canadian Yoga class is an excellent example that really hits the nail on the head when it comes to representing the business. Stylish and impressive.

This is an  amazing business card by Bryce Bell for his mechanical engineering business. But it actually would take an engineer to figure how to assemble the design it becomes!

It’s good to have a sense of humour in times of crisis and nothing spells crisis like divorce. Luckily, this lawyer has created a business card that both parties can take home with them.....

Being original is all part of a memorable design. This second-hand goods business really makes a stamp on their card by making it look like it’s second-hand. Amusing and quirky!