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In this post, we will be talking about A5 Leaflet Printing in UK. We will share some important points  on A5 Leaflets in business, their use and design tips.

What are A5 Leaflets: A5 leaflets are smaller than A4 leaflets. If you want to design and print leaflet with one image and very brief information, A5 leaflet is an ideal option.

Where to use A5 Leaflets: If you want to make some booklet or product guide or a coupon book, you can opt for A5 Leaflets. You can make booklet or product guide with A5 Size.

Tips to Get Attractive A5 Leaflets and flyers:


=> Because A5 leaflets are smaller than A4 size leaflets, decide content wisely. including too much information can spoil the look and effectiveness of it. Instead of that, opt for a good image and very brief information or describe information through bullet points only.


=> When you decide fonts for A5 leaflets, make sure you do not choose too curvy fonts. Choose fonts which are easy in reading and does not require much efforts to recognize the write-up the leaflet.


=> Take high resolution image only. Many people do this mistake while thinking that taking high resolution image will make overall image heavy but when you print image, the high resolution image gives best result. If you want the same leaflet for online promotion, try to design it separately for online promotion. For offline promotions and advertising, use high quality image such that after printing it does not look blur.


=> When you design A5 flyers, at the time of printing choose best quality paper only. Poor quality thin papers may spoil entire look of your flyer. Instead of that, opt for thicker and durable papers only such that people feel good to have your flyer in hand.


So, these are some important points we shared for A5 leaflets. If you are looking for A5 leaflets printing in UK, give us call or write to us. For more details visit Affordable Leaflets