If you are with an assumption that printing jobs could cost an arm and a leg, you are absolutely wrong. Cheap A5 leaflets have been around for a long time and they are extremely budget friendly especially for companies looking forward to promote their new launch in a particular area. A5 leaflets are of the perfect size which makes them easy to handle and has the power to reach customers without spending a fortune in the name of advertisement. 

What makes it different?

Size – The compact size of cheap a5 leaflet printing is so important because large cards are not capable of creating the same impact. They are tough to hold with one hand and may deter people from reading the content. But, the A5 size is smaller yet spacious enough to carry important advertisement messages printed on it.


CostCheap a5 printing is what midsized and startup companies should go for. If you are opening a new restaurant in the region and need to get the word out to a thousand people living in the neighborhood, there’s no better way to go about it than opting for a5 leaflets. They are extremely budget friendly especially when you print them in large quantities, like 5000 or even more.


Creative space – With A5 leaflets printing, designers receive the best creative space that they could ask for. Even though, it’s a compact sized paper available in the market, they have enough inches which allows one to incorporate images, text or messages on it without feeling constrained. You can sit with the designing team to let them know what you look for and they will eventually arrive at the design that you desire.


Assured reach – Markets often face this issue on almost every advertising platform. Be it a television ad, digital banner or internet advertisement, it may or may not grab the attention of the audience. But, when you opt for a completely personalized solution as cheap a5 leaflets, people tend it to hold it in their hand and read. All that is need to be done is to come up with creative visuals that matter and distribute it to the right audience.


With so many advantages to it, using A5 leaflets is a great way to promote a new business, brand or service. When done the right way, it can reach thousands living in the region and you can always switch to other forms of marketing but leaflets are the best to kick start a campaign on a positive note. Upload your own artwork or let the designing team come up with one for your company.


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