Cheap leaflet printing is one of the most popular ways to promoting your businesses of all industries. But at the same time, the cost of print often keeps small companies from taking the privilege of printing larger formats. It becomes necessary for you to take a right decision of selecting the right format and size of the page for this job.  Here are some of the most popular page sizes that are widely used for cheap leaflets, and also the occasion to use them.


Ideal Page Sizes for Cheap Flyers


A4 which is 297mm x 210mm is considered to the most effective and widely used page size for printing leaflets. It is often resembled as a poster and offers enough room to talk about your products and services.  It is the most cost saving and popular for conferences, seminars and trade shows.


It is half the size of A4 and mostly used for printing flyers.  It is tiny enough to fit into your customers’ wallet, at the same time sufficient enough to provide the relevant details you want your customers you know. These flyers are a great choice for mail campaigns and also are widely used in seminars and trade shows.


A6 flyer size is similar to postcards that are gaining more and more momentum as a flyer that can be placed on the packages to market added products or services from an online supplier. You can print a large quantity of A6 size flyers due to its size and weight. It is popular and known as a 'filler' to penetrate the upcoming event, and have also been established in the retail industry. 


DL flyers measures 1/3 of A4 page that counts to 210mm x 99mm, which can fit into DL envelopes.  It is the most popular way for direct mail campaigns. These flyers are mostly known to have found place in eateries or food industry for their menu cards. They offer still sufficient space for you to go creative.


Which size Suits you?

Depends what you are planning to use it for.  If you’re going to embed your flyer with loads of information A4 or A5 flyer is the best.  On the other hand, if you want to hand out your customers something cheaper considering  smaller flyer sizes like A6, As7 and DL can create the magic. Whether you decide cheap A5 flyers or any other size, you can always count on our cheap printing services for getting the optimum results.