Advertising through leaflets and flyers proved as one of the best marketing tools. When you need to market your products or services to the targeted audience in a specific geographic location, nothing works better than flyers and leaflets. They are great to introduce new products, offers, discounts, coupons, service plans and even sale alerts.


However, many times it happens that you don’t find the right size for your information to cover in leaflets and flyers. Or you have some exclusive information, but regular A4 Leaflets, A5 and A6 flyers look so ordinary, in that case, DL Leaflets and Flyers come handy. They are just best for exclusive advertising.

What are DL Flyers?


When A6 Size leaflet is too small to cover your information and other sizes are bigger, DL leaflets are just the perfect choice. They come tall and thin layout. You can handover DL flyers; Or, You can keep them at the reception so that Visitors can take them as per their likings. Even if you have leaflet holders at the office, they fit there perfectly.

How to Design an attractive DL Flyer?

Once you decide to go with DL flyer or leaflet for the advertising, decide the content first. Write it down what details you want to include in DL flyer. Make sure you include brief points and not long sentences. To make the best one, go to the point. Once you finalize content, make sure you organize it in a flow such that people get the right message which you want to deliver to them.


The next thing is to decide image to include. Make sure, you have a high resolution picture, so that when the DL Leaflets get printed, you see the clear image and not the blur one.

Once the image is final, Decide fonts, colors, font size, etc. And finally the DL leaflets printing phase Comes.

DL Leaflets Printing Process:


To get best DL Printed Leaflets, You need to choose papers wisely. For the best look, opt for full color luxurious gloss paper. If you don’t like the glossy look, matte option will also look trendy.


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