Everyone loves to decorate their homes. But alas! Not everyone can afford interior designers to build the perfect home. Also, not many of us are born designers with a knack of artistic talent. But there are many ways in which you can design canvas prints to decorate your walls.

Here are five tips through which you will be able to create affordable photo canvas prints:

Tip 1: Use your photographs

If you are a photograph freak who loves to take thousands of pictures every time you go on a vacation or hang out with friends, then you can use some of your favorite pictures to create your own canvas. Select your favorite one and put that photo on canvas, this will give your canvas a portrait like look! Or you can create a collage and create one large memories-filled print to hang on your sitting room wall.

Tip 2: Using scenic photographs

If you are an observer, who likes to sit on the beach and watch the sun setting or sit by a window, peeping out and watching the trees, sky, clouds or traffic then you can use such photographs for a canvas print. Flowers, sunset, sunrise, the little rain drops or snowflakes, all have that special glitter that make us feel at peace. Nature, captured at its best can be soothing to your eyes and can be used to create a canvas for a wall in a room you feel the most comfortable in.

Tip 3: Using text prints

If you are a book nerd, this tip is for you. You can create a print by using inspirational quotes, a poem or a favorite book quote. If you are into solving crosswords, you can put up a crossword puzzle on a wall of your study room; a perfect way to complement the room, one would say.

Tip 4: Decorate your bedroom with your wedding photos!

It’s your bedroom, what other way to decorate it then with your wedding photos! You can create a canvas by collating your ceremony and reception photos or put up the big ‘I Do’ photo or the first picture as Mr. and Mrs. Or you can even frame your wedding vows to each other and hang on the wall.

Tip 5: Use paintings by your children

All of us love to hang our children’s art on our refrigerators. So why not make a canvas out of it? They would go great on the vibrant colors in your kids’ bedrooms. Also, the joy of your kids to see their art being framed and given the ‘Wall of Fame’ would be priceless.


Thus, you don’t necessarily need to hire expensive interior decorators to buy or design canvas prints for your walls. You can design them yourselves by using these easy and amazing five cheap photo printing ideas.