There are certain off line marketing tools which each and every company needs. Yes, it is not just a 'requirement' but we say 'need' purposefully. As letterheads come under branding tools, it is a must have for all kinds of businesses being small or large. An ideal letterhead design is, which reflects your business. In this article we will show you, what things to include in a letterhead design.

Name: Company letterhead of your company must have the business name added. You can include company name/business name. For example: XYZ INC, XYZ Corporation, XYZ Industries etc.

Address: You must include business address too. Letterhead is something you use for business communication and all the paper communication you do, be it some announcement for company, Business quotes, Finance related discussion, Sending letters to other companies, replying customers etc. Also, if your postal address can be describe in other way to with some different landmarks, here in letterheads make sure you include the same postal address in the letterheads which you use everywhere else.

A Logo or Corporate Design: An identity for your business and an identity to your letterheads as well. Whenever you will send or give letterhead to someone else, the first thing which they will notice about your letterheads will be your company logo. If your company has punch line too, include that as well. The logo will be more highlighted in letterheads than anything else. If you are a start-up and do not have logo yet, get it designed first. Than only go for letterhead printing and business card printing.

Background: This is optional but you can include some background as well. If you have official mascot or a sign which you use in branding, you can create and include background with that. Or if you wish, you can included a textured background too.


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