A6 Flyer Printing is a great way to spread your marketing message to your target audience. While there is nothing revolutionary in choosing A6 flyer printing, that does not mean it is not as successful a form of advertising as any other. Regardless of your type of business, a well-designed leaflet with a high quality printed finish can be enough to give you the edge over your competitors.


Here we have put together some vital tips that will help you make the most out of your investment in A6 flyer printing and get high returns.


1) Make the most of the space

Put yourself in the position of the reader and think about what will attract you as a customer to pick up the leaflet and engage with its content. A reader will prefer A6 leaflets that are pleasing to the eye.

Use the space available to you judiciously. Put the right content in the right place. Make sure that the important stuff is focused. Don’t cram everything in the space. Leave enough space so that your leaflets look elegant. 

2) Proper text layout and legibility

The ultimate goal of A6 flyer printing is to deliver your brand message and position your business as a professional and confident company. If you choose a nice and legible font you will have more success rate with your A6 flyers. Make sure you are using a suitable text size for your audience because small text can be difficult and tiresome to read. Try to have a high contrast between the color of your text and the flyer.  You should also consider the structure of your sentences, breaking the text up into smaller chunks helps your message to reach across more quickly.

3) Pictures and photography

Age old quotes like ‘Pictures speak louder than words’ and ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ are true. There is logic behind these sayings which should not be ignored. Appropriate use of imagery can really bring your printed flyers to life.

Make sure the image is well thought out and relevant. For example, there is no point using an adorable kitten to promote IT services. Also make sure the image is of a high quality resolution so that you get a crisp print of it on your A6flyers. 

4) Print quality

So now that you have a clear, impactful flyer design ready, you need to make sure that the finished printed result is crisp and vibrant and the paper feels premium. Good quality prints and good quality paper will make more people want to pick up your flyers. It will also give a professional look to your business.


If you need advice on how to make the most from your flyers, contact Affordable Leaflets. We will be happy to help and advise you.