Business Compliment Slips is a one promising tool to improve business communication with your customers. It has been used as a promising business stationery tool in small to large businesses. When one needs an informal reply, compliment slips are considered best solution. In this post we are talking about; how to have best business compliment slips for your business? And how affordable leaflets helps you in getting the best compliment slips.

Compliment Slips Templates:

Not sure how compliment slips should look? Or you want to go for an easy design, you can see compliment slips templates online. Of course you can take inspiration from those templates but we recommend customizing compliment slips for your business only. Affordable leaflets offer the best compliment slips design and printing solution in UK.

Compliment Slips Design:

Design plays a vital role in any graphics you create for your business. When it represents your company, designing them requires an extra effort. Compliment slips are one of the key things for many businesses when they talk to customers on daily basis. In those cases, compliment slips should be designed while keeping branding as a focus point.

Below are some practice and useful tips to design a good compliment slips:

1) It should reflect your brand. So whatever design you finalize, it should speak about your brand. It must have some unique element which is connected to your brand.


2) Keep it simple and short. Compliment slips are used to acknowledge your customers. In that case, the key is to keep them simple, short and meaningful. It must serve the purpose.


3) Use quality paper for your compliment slips. People should like to carry your compliment slip in hand for some time and it must be a valuable thing for them.


4) Simple fonts and Easy to read: Keep fonts simple. Too curvy fonts get attention but people find tough to read them. Instead of that have simple fonts which are easy to read.


5) Write-up: Your content makes you win. Have to the point content presented in simple yet attractive words. Never forget to address and acknowledge the receiver of your compliment slip.

Compliment Slip Printing:

Once the design gets finalize, next step is compliment slip printing. Here comes the role of Affordable Leaflets. We are UK based company who are into printing service business since a decade. We take orders online. You can choose design from given options; you can choose quality as per your requirement and place your order online. You can choose quantity starting from 250 to 5000. If you have your own design, you can upload that as well. If you want us to do art work, we can customize that for you. In short, you can have your own customized business compliment slips online with Affordable Leaflets Visit website to place your order online. Also feel free to ask any queries you have.