When you’re creating a flyer, you want to ensure that you’re producing something that a customer will actually want to lift up and take with them.


This is where brilliant A5 flyers come into the picture.  


A5 (210mm*148mm) is considered as one of the most popular sizes for printing a flyer. There are a plethora of reasons behind it. They can help you reach your target audience in a more personalized manner.


Sitting on the fence over opting for A5 leaflets?

Let’s take a look at a few of the most prominent benefits of using cheap A5 leaflets.

1) Appropriate Size


A5 leaflets are considered to be one of the best sizes to promote a brand new launch, a product, or a service to the customers. They are neither too big nor too small in size, thereby making them easier for designers to get as creative as possible. When launching a new product, the promotional material should have some of the highlighted points and it is possible only when there is enough space.


A5 leaflets printing provides one with a lot of space to convey the intended message properly.

2) Cost-Effective


Cheap A5 flyers are a cost-effective way of getting your offering to customers, as you can use both sides of the page to promote a product, a service, an event, or a special offer.


While digital allows customizable space, the size of the leaflet is what determines the space that a designer can make use of. A5 printing services are offered by professionals who know how to make good use of the available area and carry out your message to the target audience. Moreover, it is easy to distribute them.

3) Extremely Popular


The A5 double-sided flyers are popular for point of sale merchandise, trade shows, door-to-door leaflet drops, and direct marketing campaigns. 


A5 leaflets with a catchy design can help leave a lasting impression on your customers unlike any other digital media could achieve. Moreover, they can be printed in any quantity, be it 5000 AF leaflets or just 500, as there is little to no difference in the cost. 


No wonder A5 leaflets are considered to be one of the primary choices of the customers. They, indeed, have a significant number of advantages. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the most of your marketing campaigns by using cheap A5 leaflets. Affordable Leaflets can help you with it by providing free UK delivery of AF leaflets, online leaflet ordering, flyer, and leaflet design services, distribution, and A5 leaflets printing in the UK.