The leaflets printing and design process is considered to be a smooth-sailing task by many. However, there’s a lot that goes into the process, right from using the right paper type and its weight and suitability to using the appropriate printing process.


Read on to find out more about the major printing processes. This will help you decide the right process for your marketing campaign.

1) Litho Printing

This is one of the most common forms of printing. It relies on the transfer of ink from plates to the paper via a rubber blanket or roller. This protects the plate during the printing process by giving it a consistent surface to transfer the ink too.


Litho printing is extremely flexible and cost-effective. Moreover, it can help print leaflets on a wide range of stock. However, it costs relatively higher than online leaflet design and printing.

2) Screenprint

It is used for short run work and can be used for printing on a variety of materials, including flyer printing, cloth, glass, t-shirts, circuit boards, CDs, posters, stickers, and reusable bags. It is a non-impact printing process and can be used to print on delicate materials.


Screenprinting is a simple and direct way of delivering ink through a stencil, which is mounted on a screen that protects the stencil and maintains registration. It is usually associated with simple leaflets printing and posters and has its origins in craft work and is still undertaken in a manual way. It has also been developed in a way, which bears comparison with litho printing, where a number of screens are made from a computer file. These are then used with different colour inks to produce similar effects to litho. However, they are not of the same quality.


Screenprint can help print on any kind of substrate and can be used to print brilliant saturated colours. But, it is meant for small print runs only and cannot be recommended for four-colour work.

3) Digital Printing

There are a number of different techniques, which fall under the term digital but they all share the same benefit that print is produced directly from a computer design file.


There are great advantages to this type of printing for small runs as it is easy to customise leaflets online, address it individually and print only what is required in the knowledge it can be changed easily for the next print run which will be no more expensive because there are no new plates to make.


Digital printing is commonly used for printing any short run work, posters, and leaflets design and printing. Moreover, it can be used on a variety of material such as vinyl which can be used to produce banners, lorry livery, and even stickers.

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