A5 Leaflets printing is used by everyone from big brands to your next door grocery shop. These humble leaflets, which prove to be so convenient in spreading your message, have a proud history. They have kick started-revolutions and they also have the power to kick start your business. Let’s take a trip back in time to see how A5 leaflets printing can help us today.

1) It can save you some embarrassments


Back in the dark ages, if you wanted to convey your message you could go to town square and start shouting. The problem with this was that the the chinese-whisper-effect would seriously mess up with your message. Here came the leaflets to the rescue. Committing the message to paper ensured that it remained unchanged.


You can still go to the park and shout your message. The only problem is that you would be branded as a madman. Again, leaflets come to your rescue. A5 leaflets printing from Affordable leaflets saves you some embarrassments.


2) Helps you in your propaganda


A leaflet bomb is loaded during the War; the container holds 22,500 leaflets.


In the Second World War, massive amounts of leaflets were dropped from air in the propaganda war to influence the people on ground. This wouldn’t have been done unless the leaflets were a powerful enough medium to sway people. The power of leaflets hasn’t diminished even today. They still remain a powerful tool to influence people. With our professional team at Affordable leaflets, we ensure that A5 leaflets printing helps you take advantage of the super power of leaflets.


3) Helps in targeted marketing

The women’s rights movement used printed leaflets to protest about the injustice of being denied the right to vote. Activists would take to the streets and thrust them into the hands of females, showing how leaflets are the perfect medium for targeted marketing. Whether you are targeting the audience based on age, gender or geographical location A5 leaflets printing helps you in reaching your target audience.


4) Rally consumers

During the British Civil Wars there was a ‘print explosion’ as both sides used printed leaflets to rally their troops and undermine their enemies. In the same way A5 leaflets printing can be used today to rally consumers towards you brand.


With the advent of photocopier in the 1970s, everyone could use cheap leaflet printing to advance their cause. Recent developments in software mean that now every single one of us can design and print a A5 leaflet that says exactly what we want. Affordable leaflets helps you to make the best use of available technology at an affordable cost to give a boost to your marketing campaign.