So you're looking to get some leaflets printed to promote your business, but you're not sure what size to get. Well, you've come to the right place! Here at Affordable Leaflets, we try to provide the cheapest printing and distribution in the UK!

A4 Leaflets


The most common paper size is A4, but surprisingly it's not the most common leaflet size.  A4 leaflets are seen in the industry as the largest something can be printed, anything bigger and it leans into poster territory. And it can even start to lose its effectiveness, which is detrimental to your business.


So why choose to get an A4 leaflet?


These sized leaflets give you ample space for images and texts, whilst also allowing you to explain things in more detail than smaller leaflets.


So if you've got say a specific product or specific service that might require more of an explanation, then you would be better using an A4 leaflet. This means you can highlight the many benefits your customers can receive from your business.


With any form of marketing or advertising, you need to make sure that your leaflets are designed to grab the attention of your target audience. This can be done with either the colour or design, but once you've got their attention, they'll read your content.


Affordable Leaflets Bolton, Manchester


Here at Affordable Leaflets, we print all of our A4 leaflets on 130 GSM white gloss paper. This gives a high-quality finish to your leaflets, the finish it deserves! They can be single or double-sided and even folded in a variety of ways, depending on your A4 leaflet requirements.


We strive to create all of our products, including A4 leaflets, in the highest quality we can. And we do this by using a full-colour CMYK process on the latest state of the art printers.


Don't forget we also have a team of experienced in-house graphic designers who you can use to create your artwork and leaflets. We even provide a nationwide leaflet distribution service!


So if you're interested in creating your A4 leaflets with us and our discounted rate, then get in touch with one of our team today!