For the new business owner, there are many important things to think about constantly; revenue stream, stockholder meetings, accounts....the list is endless.


So considering what type of stationery you want probably isn’t on the list of top priorities.


However, it should be given a good deal of thought, because your stationery is actually a potential little money earner for your business. It can help increase sales and aid in your brand recognition.


Here is an example of Business Stationery;


Business Stationery


How it works


If there’s one thing a business absolutely needs to do, it’s communicate. Whether this is to staff, to the board members or to clients, a company has to project themselves in a confident and professional manner.


Having business stationery helps on the client (or potential client) side of things because when you correspond, in many cases, it’s going to be the first thing they notice. In a meeting, conference or event, your stationery is going to be on the front line. It shows that you are that level of professional and that you care about how you are perceived.


When you are taken seriously, so is your business. People are therefore much more likely to interact and engage with you, leading to potential client wins. It conveys a opinion of you that needs to be memorable and cutting.


Having bland, or worse, blank notepads, business cards and pens will only highlight that you don’t care enough to invest in high-level personalised marketing tools. If you are not doing it for your own business, then why should you care about any clients you have?


This is the opinion that will be formed by potential customers. Remember: The first impression is the greatest.

How It Works

The logo


This is definitely the key to your business stationery. If you don’t have your company logo consistent on all pieces of stationery then you really are setting yourself up to fail from the start. An eye-catching logo helps clients to tell your business from your rivals, and it needs to be everywhere.


This is important for obvious reasons. You want to give them a reason to choose you. You want to stand out from the crowd.


Standing Out


Remember, potential clients will remember something visually striking. Ensure they can’t get away from your innovative and memorable logo.


Giving stationary away


This might sound like something that is going to cost you money. And it probably will. But the beauty is that it’s low cost compared to other forms of marketing, such as online or direct. If you’re in a business and you want it to grow, then sometimes you need to speculate to accumulate.


Giving away stationary is useful because it’s useful. That is, everyone still needs to use paper and pen. It’s a simple fact.


From taking notes in a meeting to scribbling some last minute contact details down, stationery is present in every business across the country. By giving yours away, you’re providing a service to people. They might not realise it consciously, but every time they use your pen, or write on your notepads, it’s keeping you in mind.


People like free stuff. It’s human nature. By showing both generosity and professionalism, you are increasing the chance of clients wanting to use your business.


Great places to give your stationery to people include:


  • Networking events
  • Initial meetings
  • Sent to actual companies place of business via courier

Business stationery and merchandise get your brand recognised, whilst performing a practical function for people. Combined, it can really help to bring in revenue.