Targeting your adverts to the right audience is a challenging thing. But leaflets makes it easy for you. Leaflet printing and distribution has proved to be the most powerful and efficient marketing medium. It has already beat radio and magazine advertising behind when it comes to the reach of adverts. If you aim to reach the maximum number of people, leaflet advertising is the best tool to go with.


There are many types of leaflets available. All vary as per the size. Usually there are four types of leaflets available, which are A3 Leaflets, A4 Leaflets, A5 Leaflets and A6 Leaflets. All these leaflets are used for different purposes. A4 Leaflets are the most common leaflet used globally. However, in this post, we are going to talk about A5 Leaflet Printing.

What are A5 Leaflets?

A5 leaflets are smaller than A4 leaflets. You can incorporate one image and a few text in one leaflet.

How to Use A5 Leaflets:

  • Being smaller than A4 leaflets, you can include less content in A5 Leaflets. So wherever you want to advert through a brief information, you can use A5 Leaflets.
  • If you want to distribute a booklet, you can use A5 Leaflets size
  • If you got a technical product or a product which requires a manual or a process to use, you can make “How to Guide” or a “User Manual” through A5 Leaflet paper.


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How to Order A5 Leaflets online? The Process

  • Decide the quantity you need: To distribute it to the maximum number of people, you need a good quantity with you.
  • Check the artwork tips and guides on
  • Confirm and Place the order


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