We print leaflets and flyers in a range of different sizes running from A6 all the way to A3 and even booklets. But from all these sizes to choose from, how can you decide which leaflet works for you? 

We're going to go through each of the different leaflet and flyer sizes that we print and explain the difference between them. Hopefully this will help when it comes to deciding whether an A4 leafletA5 leaflet or DL leaflet would work the best for you! 

A3 Leaflets 

Some places will see A3 as slightly too big for a leaflet, however they're the perfect size for items such as user guides or if you need to portray a lot of information on one piece of paper. We'd also suggest that A3 is the right size if you wanted to upgrade your leaflets into a booklet. 

A4 Leaflets

A4 is the perfect canvas to create something that will catch your customers eye straight away. It gives you enough space to get creative, whilst also being able to get across a good amount of advertising or marketing information. 

A5 Leaflets 

This size is seen as the most cost effect when it comes to leaflet printing. You can take advantage of both sides of the flyer. Here at Affordable Leaflets we offer double sided printing as standard on all leaflets. You'll find A5 leaflets at shows, in door to door drops and everywhere in between! 

A6 Leafets 

When you're thinking about A6 leaflets, you're looking at a postcode sized object. They tend to be used to promote a specific offer or promotion and go alongside a direct mail campaign. They're ideal to give to a customer who has just purchased something from you. 

DL Leaflets 

These leaflets are 1/3 of an A4 piece of paper. They're long and rectangular, and they're very popular as they fit perfectly into pockets! 

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If you need any help when it comes to choosing what would work the best for you, get in contact with one of our team today!