Letterheads are the perfect way to quickly get across your business and company information. It also adds an air of professionalism to any correspondence that you and your business send out.


So it's important that you make sure your letterheads have all the relevant information on them. This way they will give off the right first impression of your business. And that's where we at Affordable Leaflets, Bolton, Greater Manchester come in!





If you aren't sure what letterheads are, then look at the top of any type of any official paperwork you may have and where there is a logo and company information, that's a letterhead!


If you are planning to get a letterhead printed on your business cards, letters or complimentary slips, then you need to make sure that it contains this information:


  • The name of your company
  • Your company's registered  location and address
  • The company registration number
  • The address of any other company location

It's also worth noting, limited companies need to state that they are a limited company if they haven't already done so. And charities also need to make it clear that they are a charity if it isn't already stated.


Letterhead Printing


Here at Affordable Leaflets, we are proud to be one of the cheapest printing companies in the UK. But this doesn't mean that we cut corners with the quality of our products.


We always create custom templates. And unlike our competitors (who reduce the quality of the paper) we focus on high-quality colour printing in 120 gsm paper!


Our letterhead printing company has decades of experience in the industry.  Which means our team can get it delivered on the same day, in just 24 hours or the next day with assured quality.


So if you're looking into letterhead printing or even leaflets, booklets or photos on canvas, why not get in touch with our design team today and see what we can do for you?