We want to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas to all our customers over the year. Christmas is very near and Affordable Leaflets want to express how grateful we are for our customers this year. We have achieved a lot this year, thanks to all the people that ordered leaflets through us. So, for you great support towards our business we wish all customers a great holiday season.

Then, next year we will continue to provide our cheap leafleting servicing to you that our customers love so much. In the meantime, you can get your Christmas shopping and see family for the best time of the year! Also, our doors are open from the 6th of January next year so you can contact us if you want to use our leafleting service.

Moreover, we are honoured that you have chosen us for our services this year and will continue to provide them. With our high customer satisfaction rates, we will be staying the same next year so our customers can get the most out of our business.

Affordable Leaflets 2020

In the new year you can order leaflets or any of our services as normal. So, you can get the best priced leafleting that you deserve. You will be able to order your printing as normal from the 6th of January with nice reset feeling from the Christmas break!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe happy new year filled with doing whatever you like! We are honoured to be able to provide our services to our clients, and service together with you over the year.

Lastly, we admire you for choosing Affordable Leaflets for all your leafleting needs to include us in your advertising campaigns. And, through the feedback of our services we know the campaigns had success!

Happy Christmas , Affordable Leaflets and the team.