With so much technology and developments online now, it's easy to overlook probably the most successful source of advertising - print media.

Here at Affordable Leaflets, we have a dedicated team ready to help you start, or build upon, your business. Leaflets have long been an excellent way of advertising and should be taken into serious consideration by anyone wanting to see their company grow.

We understand the idea of print, rather than digital, media can seem a little archaic in this day in age. There are screens all around us. The internet is so accessible and it seems everything is available at just the touch of a button. But think about this: who is your target audience? Do you want to just speak to those who fall into certain categories? Modern technology is great for those who have grown up with it. But what about those who haven't got a computer? A mobile phone? A tablet? The power of the leaflet should never be underestimated; it reaches far more people than you probably realise.


It isn't just leaflets we recommend; a lot can be said for a well-styled business card.


With everyone in a constant rush with their busy lifestyles, a business card is a perfect way of capturing someone's attention and getting your name known without slowing people down. If you leave people to read things at their leisure, such as a leaflet or business card, they are more likely to react and contact you in their own time. A competent business card is one which is a small snapshot of yourself and your business. It should be just enough to peak interest and encourage any potential clients to contact you and not your competitors. If your business card is messy and hastily put together, what does this say to your customers about your business?

In other words, don't bypass advertising by print. You don't know who's eye has been caught by the leaflet you thought redundant. In fact, at Affordable Leaflets, we believe the humble leaflet to be something to be celebrated.