Students! Stop sitting on your backsides nursing hangovers, smoking weirdly-named substances and trawling the internet for the top 10,000 Vines compilation videos – there are better things to do with your time!


Being part of a university society can be a lot of fun and you meet people you would have never gotten to speak to before. Running a society looks great on your CV, it shows great leadership and management skills. But what if your university doesn’t have a society to cater to your hobby? In most cases you can start your own society. The process is simple but there are certain things to think about and get sorted beforehand.


Step 1: The idea

First of all you’ll need to know what sort of society you want to create, whether it be vocational, sport or hobby. The idea should be unique, making sure you’re not stepping on the toes of any existing societies. Once you know this you’ll have to make decisions on the name, the initiatives, and what you intend to provide to your members. You’ll be presenting this to the Student Union, so get serious about it.


Step 2: Plan

To prove you’re capable of running a society you will need to plan everything carefully. You’ll need to think about when your society will meet and how often. What you want to do at these meets will define what sort of space you’ll need and the cost of hiring a venue. In a lot of cases the university can provide free or discounted venues, especially for meeting rooms but also for some sporting facilities.


Step 3: People

The society will never run with just you alone. You’ll need to find others that share your interest and recruit them into your club. This can be the hard part. You’ll have to ask everyone you know as well as strangers on the campus and in the student bar. Making posters can advertise your cause, plus, by using businesses like ourselves at Affordable Leaflets, means it won’t drain your student loan. Usually a club will need about 20 -30 signatures from genuine students for the Student Union to consider it.


Step 4: The Committee

From your bunch of hopeful members you will need to pick out a committee. This can be done through a group election, or by choosing people you think will fulfil their role well. Remember, these are the people that will help you with the running of the club so choose well.


Step 5: Application

For the application you will be pulling together all the previous steps to create one brilliant pitch. So get all your ideas down on paper, put down your plan in a clear, professional way and have your signatures to hand. Between you and your committee, you need to have all relevant information about the club and present your ideas to the Student Union. Treat this as a professional pitch, after all, you will be responsible for a number of people and their money, so they’ll want to make sure you are serious and trustworthy.


Step 6: Fresher’s Fair

If your application was successful you now need to get into sales mode. The fresher’s fair in any university is where most students discover and join clubs. This is your time to shine and show people why they should be as passionate as you about your hobby. Get a stall for your society and aim to attract as many people as possible. Whether you do this using demonstrations, bright banners or free sweets, it is up to you. Once you’ve got their attention and email addresses you can start letting them know about the first meet up.



With your club up and running, your plans can start taking shape. Use social media to keep people up to date, this can be more personal than an email. Plan social meet ups to get everyone together and socialising, make sure you have activities planned to keep people interested. Make sure you keep your committee involved with the planning and delegate different tasks, work together to make the club brilliant. Running a university club isn’t easy but it can be a lot of fun and worth all the hard work.


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