Leaflets Distribution

Leaflet Distribution – Spread Your Message With Ease. At Affordable Leaflets, we can take your marketing campaign from design right through to distribution, providing a comprehensive service for your convenience. We offer three forms of leaflets, flyers distribution – Royal Mail, Solus and Shared Distribution – allowing you to choose the method that best meets your needs. Plus, our targeting service helps you focus your message on the right people, while minimising waste and reducing costs.

Royal Mail – Get Your Message Read

A recent survey highlighted that people are more likely to take notice of unaddressed post if it’s delivered by Royal Mail.

When you choose Royal Mail for leaflets, flyers distribution, postal staff deliver your leaflets to each individual household, ensuring it lands on the doormat safe and sound. You can also choose a non-competing item policy, which ensures you stand out from the competition. Simply indicating your category during the booking process will ensure your mail gets noticed.

Solus Distribution – The Flexible Choice

Solus is the ideal choice when you require the delivery of a single item to your market audience. Benefits of this method include its flexibility, as unusually shaped and sized or very heavy items can be accommodated with ease. Solus also caters for organisations with very specific targeting requirements, as well as particularly remote areas.

Shared Distribution – Sharing Deliveries, Sharing Cost

This method of leaflet distribution allows your leaflet to be delivered with the local free newspapers, and is a particularly economical means of distribution. Your message is delivered as part of the reliable and regular newspaper network, alongside a trusted media source.

Targeting – Maximise Response and Minimise Waste

The simplest form of targeting your customers is geographical. For example, in terms of drive time and the radius, or by postcode area, district and sector. You can also target customers by TV region, radio transmission area or county boundary.

We can even employ more complex targeting systems, using factors such as census data, age, sex, socio-economic status and occupation. Together with other personal and financial data, this information is used to identify postcode sectors with a high concentration of your ideal customer profile.

Rest assured, each style of distribution is uniquely tailored to your needs. Simply fill in the form to receive a quote for your distribution.