In this world of online technology, paper flyers still hold the same significance in this digital world. It has not been disrupted by the digital era. Most retailers have started shifting to digital players, but with printed advertising pamphlets in good numbers. Consumers are still associated with printed flyers and do not seem to do without the printed materials. Customers still demand flyers.


The evolving digital technology has pinched a number of industries, helping them reach their customers easily with cheaper versions of their conventional offerings. Still, for now, A5 leaflet printing remain the most popular demand from businesses that want to woo their customers in more tradition way.

Future of Paper Leaflets

It has been estimated that the paper flyer is the king as nearly 98 per cent of Canadians read a paper flyer. It is said to be around in coming 10 years. It has become a routine and a comfort for customers. People read paper flyers while enjoying a glass of wine. Although some of the consumers and businesses have started migrating to digital flyers than their printed counterparts, but it is there to stay for coming many years.

Paper Flyers Still in Demand

Most of the industries, especially the retailers stay with the physical flyers despite pressure from environmental groups to shun away paper use. Rather, they have claimed that they have started using eco-friendly methods, like recyclable paper for A5 leaflets printing. There are some traditional ways of marketing and communication that will never lose its charm and paper flyers are one of them.

What makes them So Popular? 

Of course, it’s the handy access and love of customers that keep these paper flyers going. Just like any purchases done online are mostly is the result of intense research work done by the customers. There are customers who are not very confident of virtual buying, they still want to see and feel the product visiting the physical store for their satisfaction and the optimum value of the money spent on online shopping.  This exhibits that the customers are always willing to cross check for the product’s price, quality and best bargain. They are still looking to verify their purchases using traditional ways like visiting physical stores.


This shows most of the customers are still more associated with traditions way of doing business, online purchases, and promotional activities.  If you’re planning to promote your business through flyers, we can help you by delivering A5 flyers printing solutions at competitive rates.