There are many types of leaflets which you can use for marketing and advertising your products and services. Leaflets and flyers give best result when you use them to share ongoing offers or when you share special discount offers and discount coupon codes. Also, for some special events which is open for all, leaflets distribution is the best way to let people know about the event happening in their city or town. So these are some of the options for which you can take help for leaflets and flyers.


As we shared above, there are many types of flyers and leaflets like A4 Leaflets, A3 Leaflets, A5 Leaflets, A6 Leaflets and DL Leaflets etc. Each of them differs size wise. Among all A4 Leaflets are most popular. Leaflets can be categorized in other way too, like tri fold leaflets, z fold, half fold, parallel fold, single open gate fold, double gate fold, 4 panel roll fold, half fold then half fold and half fold then tri fold are some of the most popular leaflet types.

A5 Leaflets: A5 leaflets are smaller than A4 Leaflets, usually when you have small content and an image to include then A5 leaflets are a good choice. Many brands use A5 leaflets to create booklets too. If you are an electronic or a company with products which require "user guide" then you can create the same with A5 leaflets as well.

A5 Leaflets Design:


Design is very important as far as leaflets are concerned. Being a smaller size than A4 Leaflets, you must finalize design carefully. Some of the tips to design a good A5 leaflets are:

(1) Content: Do not include too many lines in A5 size leaflets. Before you write content for leaflets, decide your purpose first, whether you want to introduce your brand or some discount offers you want to share or specific sale announcement. Keep it short and sweet.

(2) Image: Always use high resolution picture. If your brand as physical address then including picture of that is more advisable than adding any image randomly. The flyer will be more relevant and effective.

(3) Fonts and Colors: Do not include too many colors and also do not make your flyer in Black and White. Good use of colors is very important in A5 Leaflet Design. Also make sure the fonts are big enough to read at the same time they should not look over size. For A5 leaflets use, simple fonts only.


So these are some useful tips for good A5 Flyer design.  Get in Touch with Affordable Leaflets for A5 Leaflet design requirements.