A5 leaflets are a great way to tell people about the products or services you are offering. Here are some of our top tips on how to make potential customers take notice of your business with A5 leaflets printing.

1) Grab attention

If you are doing your promotions in a trade show or at a business event, you will probably be surrounded by others who are doing the same. In this scenario you need something like A5 leaflets which can grab the attention of people and make them come to look at what you have on offer. You can be prepared by having your A5 leaflets printing done beforehand and you can distribute these leaflets to all the people who come to visit the trade show or the business event.


2) Use a QR code

Placing a QR code on your A5 leaflets is a quick and easy way of interacting with your potential customers. QR codes act as a direct access point for them to learn about your business. This would help them to discover your website, or perhaps link to the details about the special discounts you are offering. QR codes make your customers engage actively with your product or service instead of just passively reading your leaflets.


3) Showcase your brand colors

Use your brand colors when you get your A5 leaflets printing done so that the readers can immediately connect the leaflets with your brand. Your brand colors add a distinctive look to your A5 leaflets and customers can retain the connection in their memory even after the initial engagement. Keep it simple with your logo, tagline and branding, allowing the colors of your brand to make a big impact on the target audience.


4) Utilize the flexibility of A5 leaflets

Rather than just doing A5 leaflet printing with the same message, think about creating a variety of A5 leaflets to reflect the different services and benefits your company offers. This will give you more avenues to show off your brand. You can print two or three kinds of leaflets with different content, each reflecting some great benefits that the customers will get if they use your product or service.


5) Be unique

A good design, good presentation, good content and use of attractive images- all add to the uniqueness of your A5 leaflets and help them stand out amongst all the competition. If your A5 leaflets appear unique, then they will be able to instantly grab the attention of the potential customer.


Remember your A5 leaflets need to work for you so that you get the maximum return on the investment you make in printing them. So use these helpful tips to make the most of them to showcase your business to your new customers.