The market is flooded with hundreds of services providers who offer cheap a5 flyers. When you are in need of printing services, it is not just the lowest cost that matters. A couple of other things should be taken into consideration as well. When you have the perfect mix of all the things mentioned here, it obviously means that you have arrived at the right company to solve all your printing requirements.

Factors to Look into

- Reliability

- Years of Service

- Turnaround Time

- Flexibility

- Total Cost

- Value Added Services


There are plenty of other things as well but these are the most important stuff to look into when availing cheap a5 flyer printing services. Companies that are in the industry for many years are usually reliable. So, in this case, you can easily conclude a printer to be reliable if they have been doing it for a decade or more.

Trust Factor:

Reliability and years of service sync with one another to deliver the ultimate result. While a new startup can deliver amazing quality due to their new found energy, it is not a sure shot. Unless you know them personally or have a customer stand proof for their service, always go with a company with proven experience. They can handle a5 flyers printing with ease and can handle any quantity of job without complaining.

Turnaround time: 

Another important factor to consider before you print a5 flyers. If you are in a real hurry, ensure that the company will be able to deliver them without compromising on quality. Many of them offer one day or two day turnaround time which is ideal because there is no need to wait long to get the goods delivered. They should do it without extra cost as it is not a special service requirement but something many others do regularly.

Value added services:

When opting for cheap a5 printing, check if the company may offer you free designing services if you place bulk orders. Some do it! It is considered as value added services and other forms of adding value could include free delivery or distribution to the said region. The total cost should always fall within your budget but at the same time avoid finalizing a printer solely based on how much they charge you.



The flexibility of a printer is in the way they handle your request and not stern with their policies. Only someone who treats their customer well and doesn’t complain when doing jobs that are supposed to be done in a hurry is the one you need to establish a long lasting relationship.


Affordable Leaflets have years of experience in the industry and having served hundreds of clients, we consider ourselves as the best not just in a5 flyers printing but all other printing jobs.