A4 leaflet printing is a fantastic way of advertising and promoting your event or business in a quick, easy and cheap format. They are a useful marketing tool for both small and large businesses and benefit from being easily distributable and cost effective. 


Flexibility is the biggest benefit. You can choose to get only a small number of prints done and you can change the content when you order new ones soon or you can choose to order in bulk so that you can distribute them to a larger audience at one go.


To make the most out of your leaflet printing we offer you 6 simple tips:

1) Brand your A4 leaflet

Make sure that the company logo and name is clearly displayed so that your readers can immediately identify who the leaflets belong to. The branding should be consistent with all your other promotional materials such as business cards, A5 leaflets, customized folders, etc.

2) Create a point of focus

Decide about what part of your content is most important. Whether it is a discount, a new product, a specific event or a special service, work out what your key take home message is and make this the focal point on your A4 leaflets.


3) Be creative but don’t lose out on clarity

Everyone wants their A4 leaflets to be eye-catchy and memorable. Yet, care needs to be taken while you do A4 leaflet printing that you don’t lose out on the clarity of the message that has to go across. If you are wonderfully creative but your message doesn’t reach your potential customer, then your investment in this kind of printing will go waste.


4) Keep a clean layout

Simple and elegant layout will attract more people towards your A4 leaflets. If you cram the leaflets full of information, there is a chance that your readers might be put off. A clean layout ensures that the readers get the right information at a glance.


5) Have a clear ‘call- to-action’

After they have engaged with your A4 leaflets you want to keep your readers intrigued. Using a call to action such as a discount to encourage them to get in touch is a great way to ensure you make an impact with your A4 leaflet.


6) Do A4 leaflet printing in high quality

Your leaflets have great design, great layout, great content and a call to action but are printed in a very bad way. Will it look good? We guess, not. Hire professional printers like Affordable Leaflets to get your A4 leaflet printing done in the best quality and at an affordable cost.


If you follow these simple tips, we at Affordable Leaflets are sure that you will get the best A4 leaflets that will work wonders for your promotional strategy.