Marketing has many modes in business. The nature of every business is different, so the marketing method should also be different. You must be aware of different types of marketing campaign going around. People are more attracted to colorful glossy printed eye catching banners. They are called Pop Up Banners.


The Pop up banners are of considered the popular type of marketing tool when they are to be used in trade show or business conference. They are ideal for promotional event that attracts the clients and conveys the message of the product or services by images and slogans that attracts the most.

Why do you need pop up banners?


Every business man needs buyer attention to display its product and explain the qualities of the product. They need the method that turns their heads. Generally the common man gets attracted to something bigger than them. This is human tendency. The pop up banners are for the same reason.  It makes your company look lot more professional when used in a conference or exhibition for advertisement. The buyers who just come for a visit, the pop up banner with colorful images and an ad slogan will through their heads and they will surely notice the banner. Some will try to contact you if they are interested. The graphic used in the banner is of very high resolution, bright colors, can be said eye catchy. The pop up banners can be made in both glossy and matte finish. The banner can be made in different materials, but flex is the common material used for pop up banner.

Places where it can be used.


A pop up banner can be used at different places like exhibition, conference, seminar or any other place where you feel that it would be noticed well or you want to advertise and bring your company in sight. Can also be used as display standard in the market or any other place the people passing by can notice them or can also be used as the background to a stage setting.

The list of advantages goes as below

  • The scissor grid system used in the construction makes the assembling and dissembling easier than expected.
  • It becomes easy to carry as it gets easily folded in a small transport case.
  • The fabrication of the banner is sturdy and durable.
  • The banner graphics can use any design and also be laminated.
  • External graphics can be added by the magnetic strips or Velcro if the banner is already placed.
  • LED can also be attached to enhance the banner.


There are different types of banners available in the market with flat or curved surface, circular that can be lit from inside with led to attract the customers.