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Some of the basic techniques that are used mostly for preparing poster printing are as follows:


Wood Block


A type of letterpress, Wood Block printing is one of the oldest methods that is used for printing as well as it has a protracted history or growth in both Europe as well as Asia. It is an assistance process in which an image is imprinted in reverse into a piece of wood, inked up in addition to that paper is hard-pressed down on top of it to transmit the ink and image. It is one of the rarest types of printing in use these days, mostly to time consumption. On the other hand, there are many sets of category still in subsistence that were fashioned from wood blocks and are frequently utilized in letterpress poster printing.


Movable Type


Made-up in the 15th century, changeable type is the procedure of setting type by use of hand for printing on a letterpress machine. The type can be prepared from either wood or metal as well as letters were cut independently by craftsmen identified as punch cutters. This approach of printing was the first urbanized that could quickly, a relative term, fabricate numerous copies of lengthy printed materials and books. It continued to be the standard printing technique in anticipation of photo typesetting came about in the 1950s.




Letterpress is still lively these days, even though it subsists on a much smaller level and typically only in area of expertise shops. The procedure often now occupies photopolymer plates that can interpret a digital design into a embossed plate for use with classic presses. It has seen a renewal of success in latest years in the fine art, craft, as well as design worlds and is frequently used to craft wedding invitations and posters. On the other hand, it remains a very supple and consistent printing technique that can be used for nearly anything.