Printed Stationary is employed for approximately for print media reason similar to visiting cards,leaflets,as well as company letter pads.

Business cards


Comprise of short textual information regarding the organization or the company .May be business card also introduce some single identity.They are usually given at the time of formal introductions in addition to that, they also offer a very comfortable and useful help to remember someone. A business card in general consists of a name, company name, logo as well as contact information.


Those days are gone when it is found that business cards are just a piece of paper designed in black and white colors only format is very standard. But now the scenario is totally different today business card are used as identity.If one is running some fashion industry then the business card should be more attractive.This can really personify your image in front of the customers.

Compliments slip


Compliments slip outlines a replacement for official letters of response. You may perhaps consist of one in answer to a catalogue demand, for an instance. Compliment slips are an immense method to preserve high-quality public relations.



A letterhead is the caption at the apex of a sheet of letter-paper. It most often  consists of a name as well as address, a logo or else corporate design, in addition to that, it also includes background that can be regarded as the watermark image. The phrase “letterhead” may furthermore pass on to a section of letter paper embossed with such a title. The main aim of letterhead in business is to obviously recognization who the letter is from; undoubtedly make available the business' contact information (such as address, phone number, etc.) in a standardized method.


It also expresses the representation of the company or else organization. Several letterhead in addition, they also  make available information on the subject of that organization or business, for an instance business hours, organization date, products otherwise services obtainable, department heads, etc.

Raised Printing


Type of printing method in which the characters or else image is elevated exceeding the exterior of the paper (usually referred as an embossing).

Difference Between Business cards,Complimentary Slips and Letters Heads


Business cards are used just a handy to inform others in a professional about your business or services that you are providing.

While Complimentary Slips are used as an optional way to answer about some official matter.

Letterheads are used mostly when company appoints new employee to give them offer letter.Or used when clients wants some proof of genuineness from your company.