Print media always has an emotional attachment with customers because unlike digital media which ends in a flash, the papers stay with them for much longer time. The convenience has made a5 leaflet printing so popular that even in a world filled with smartphones and tablets, companies prefer to distribute handheld pamphlets to impress their target audience. The number of people you plan to reach with a5 leaflets hardly matter because a good design could reach even the unintended audience.

Choosing the Right Artwork

1) Cheap a5 leaflets has the potential to reach thousands of people at once if you can hire the right designer to create an artwork for you.


2) Not every company can afford to hire their own designer. A great way to find one to create artwork for cheap a5 leaflet printing is to find a freelancer on the web or you can even go for a reputed company with an in-house team.


3) The design that you finalize for cheap a5 printing should be innovative, catchy and use the right colors. Don’t make it too bright or too dark unless the theme of your promotion demands such choices.


4) With enough space on a5 leaflets, you can go wild with your imagination but it should also be relevant to the business.


5) For a restaurant, you can consider adding images of various accessories used in the kitchen to represent a special offer, dish or a new opening. Similarly, the images used in the pamphlet and the text should be relevant so as to create a strong image among people.


6) The experience of the designer has a role to play in the artwork. A person who have proven years of expertise in the job will find it much easier to understand your requirement and deliver a great design.


When a5 leaflet printing is done, the job should always be handled by a professional printing firm. The advantage of going for these leaflets is that they can be printed in any quantity as and when you need them. There is no need to print them all at once and store them. Instead, you can come up with various marketing campaigns and new designs to print them from time to time. The leaflets are convenient to handout, compact in size and useful marketing platform.


A professional service provider as Affordable Leaflets has an in-house designing team to help you come up with an efficient artwork if you don’t have one ready and handles the print job as well. Our team is dedicated and has the experience to deliver high quality end results.