You must have used flyers or leaflets to place your products and services in front of customers. Whether you have decided for leaflet printing of 5000 A5 flyers or 1000 leaflets, if they are designed the right way it would have played the trick or else it might have been wasted. It is essential to know how to make your leaflets stand out before sending it to printing. Here are some of the designing errors that you must avoid when you plan your next lot of 5000 A5 double sided leaflets to go on printing.

Long Heading

Just ensure the headline of your flyer is sweet and small. It will impact your customers better without compelling them to read the unnecessary information. It should be catchy encouraging the customer to read further. As a thumb rule try keeping your headline to maximum 6 words within two lines. Using colours in your headline can also work well but make sure it aligns with your logo and your corporate image.

More Information than Required

Embedding your flyer with information is the most disastrous thing you could do with your flyers.  Keep the information in your flyer to the minimum so that customers do not have to read a lot to know you better. Keep only the most important details. This may include your website address, email address or a phone number. Your customers are too busy to go through long information, they want fast and to the point information. This is the first step toward building a lasting relationship with your customers. Don’t bore them by feeding unnecessary details.

Poor Image Quality

Yes, this too matters! Everyone likes images unless it is of good quality. Avoid poor quality images. Make sure you rely on top quality product images or you may also take your own snaps with a quality smartphone. Images speak volumes about what words cannot explain. You must never copy an image from the web and put it into your flyer. These are much lower in quality with different resolution.


So, when you plan to design your next flyer, be it 500 leaflets or any other quantity you must ensure that you follow above tips to get the best results. We are one of the leading leaflets printing company in the UK, offering cheap flyer printing services to the businesses looking to brand their products and services.  In your next flyer printing solutions, we can play a major role in making it a big success.