If you have decided to do some promotion and marketing of your products or services using A5 flyers, the first step is to choose a good printer like Affordable Leaflets to print them for you. We are experts in good quality print and we can deliver cheap A5 flyers and believe us cheap only relates to the price.


Once you have got the delivery of all your printed leaflets, then what? What should you do to ensure that your a5 flyers reach your target audience successfully? First, you must create a strategy regarding how you will organise distribution and agree where or who are your potential customers. There are several ways you can distribute your a5 flyers to reach your target customers.


1) Press Inserts

All you need to do is to find out what kind of newspapers and magazines your target audience prefers. Then you can just opt for a press insert in those. You can have your flyers inserted between the pages of those newspapers, books or magazines so that when readers open them, they will see your leaflet, read it and take action.

2) Display on boards or pickups

You can pin up your a5 flyers on bulletin boards or leave on counters across a wide variety of shops, cafes, restaurants and other public places. Try to find out places where your target audience will visit frequently. If your flyers are attractive enough, they will read them. This way you can reach out to many more people.

3) Dropping them through Doors

If you want to target a specific area geographically, you can use royal mail leaflet delivery or a distributor to drop your cheap a5 flyers at every doorstep in that area. This will ensure that you reach to each household with your targeted area. Ask Affordable Leaflets planning distribution for you via royal mail leaflet delivery service. Direct Letterbox Marketing can offer solus distribution of leaflets to maximise the effectiveness of your leaflet campaign.

4) Hand them out

This adds a personal touch to your marketing efforts. You can hand over your flyers to people personally. When someone hands them something, they will definitely read it to see if it is something of interest to them. Great places to distribute flyers are shopping centres, festivals, colleges, places of interests - basically anywhere there is a high footfall that matches your ideal customer is a good place to hand out your a5 Flyers.


Once you have delivered professional leaflets printed from Affordable Leaflets, you then move into monitoring mode to observe any boost in sales! As more and more people come to use your products and services, you need to understand what was effective and where your response is coming from so you can do it all over again.