Some businesses only have one or two employees. This means that news about your company can be told mouth to mouth. It’s quick, effective and efficient.

Now what if your business has 10 people? Easy. An internal email with some of the key highlights can be sent.

Now what about 50 people? 100? 200?

Then it gets a little more complicated when you want to communicate internally with every single person under your roof.

Can everyone gather round my monitor please.


The power of words

Back in the day, it was customary to for larger businesses to create a company newsletter. It had information about the internal and external workings over a certain period of time. Like their own private newspaper.

Today, the company magazine can really improve communication within larger businesses for a variety of reasons. As with technology, the newsletter has evolved over time to become a substantial resource within any company. Whilst many places will still publish a print version magazine, it can prove prohibitively expensive to maintain on a monthly basis. Hence the move for many websites to have their own internal magazine section. This is a very good thing.  Here’s why....

1. Important Information can be quickly accessed

Most companies will have many departments. Everything from human resources to web design to a mail room. Communications between these can be difficult because you will only be talking to one or two at a time. A magazine allows company wide information to be accessed much more efficiently.

The magazine can be split up into the various departments, allowing instant access to news and information that might prove relevant to another department. Clear and concise information means that everyone gets to see what everyone is doing. Transparency is key.

Of course, it’s important not to be too transparent in the office.

2. The range of information available can be impressive

The great thing about a company magazine is that you can relay all sorts of information that your employees didn’t even think they needed to know, but really should know:

  • Trade show results

  • Corporate anniversaries

  • Industry professional interviews

  • Internal promotions

  • Sales/survey results

  • New team additions

All this is highly relevant to somebody in the company. A magazine simply increases the likelihood of the information reaching the right person(s).

3. How it’s presented can be highly effective in communication too

People remember things that are visual, colourful and appealing. By creating a company magazine that reminds employees of publications that may usually read at home, then you are increasing the chance of them reading the content for your own company.

Interesting infographics, sharable videos, and lots of images can all prove beneficial to keeping information retained in the minds of employees. If it’s in their mind, there’s a higher chance it will be relayed to the correct people when the time comes.


4. It can also have a fun side

Of course, a company magazine is also the perfect chance for a business to highlight their sense of fun too. This is very important for employees as it will mean that crucial information is much more likely to be read along with the fun stuff. Including information such as the following is something that all magazines should aspire to do, regardless of it being online or in print:

  • Staff functions reports (photos)

  • Employee profiles

  • Humourous videos related to industry

  • Birthday mentions

  • New baby photos

  • Thank yous from happy customers

Company magazines can really improve employee morale as they will feel they are being included in part of a real and important culture at work. In turn it can provide more effective communications between individual employees, departments and management precisely because of these very reasons.