Marketing is a large arena. And there are many places to pitch your tent. Many businesses are realising that going online is pretty much a necessity these days. However, it’s important to realise that there’s still room for the more traditional methods of marketing. Take leaflets for example.


They are still highly effective tools for conveying your message....if done right. If not, then they are simply an expensive waste of paper, money and time.


The Write Thing To Say

It’s important to remember that a flyer is an artistic extension of your message. Therefore, it’s not something you can just spend a few minutes on. It needs time and it needs planning. Let’s break it down shall we.


1. The Headline

Like any piece of marketing, if using a headline, it needs to be something that is eye catching and evocative.




This headline is mysterious. It evokes that sense of the unknown. It’s perfect because the flyer is talking about a mystery crime writers book signing. You need to keep it concise and interesting.


2. Who, What, When

This is essential information, especially if you are promoting a business or service. It’s all well and good being extra creative but if the person looking at your flyer has no idea what it’s about, other than it looks pretty, then you have an ineffective form of marketing on your hands.


Simply put, you need to state:

  • Who and what you are
  • When you do it
  • How to get in touch

Who, What, When


There should be a brief description about something your service/business does that makes it worth the time to check out. Written copy is great when done effectively. Punchy and concise text is amazing when combined with....


3. The Layout

Visuals. Looks wise, a great flyer needs to be a showstopper. It needs to visually represent the message you are trying to get across. Take this example for musician Tracy Chapman.





It’s simple, minimal and neat. This singer is acoustic based, with a similar style of playing; simple and minimal.


Of course, for a business, you need to give more information but you don’t want to clutter a flyer with too much. A busy flyer suggests oversell. Keep things aligned and try to use thicker fonts to make it easier to read. It should represent who you are as a business. Professional and meticulous. 



Layout and Alignment


Make sure your logo is clearly defined and kept in it’s own space. This allows customers to identify with you more clearly. 


Leaflet Logo


Remember, here are the key points to take from this:


  • Your flyer should be organised with visually appealing graphics. Neat and simple
  • Use thick fonts. And try not to use more than two different font types
  • Don’t get complicated with the copy. Like the visuals, keep it neat and simple
  • Identify your USP and highlight it

If you follow these simple rules, there's no reason why your business flyer can’t be effective at increasing brand awareness and potential revenue.