A3 sized papers are most commonly used and seen as posters. But they are the perfect size for inserts and even foldable leaflets. A3 leaflets can also be used to create multiple page booklets.


A3 leaflets printing

Slightly larger than A4, A3 gives you more space on the page for images and text. This sized leaflet works the best when it has a mix of both. Just plain text on an A3 leaflet looks slightly overwhelming and wouldn't grab a potential customer's attention.


One positive with A3 leaflets that you don't tend to get with other sized leaflets and flyers is that that you can create foldable leaflets. This makes A3 the ideal size for restaurants, hairdressers, beauty salons or anywhere offering a service with lots of different products.


We offer 10 different types of folds which include:


  • Column folds
  • Roll folds
  • Gatefolds
  • Z folds


Affordable Leaflets


Here at Affordable Leaflets, we offer high-quality printing, either single or double sided (for the same price) using full-colour CMYK process on the most up to date printers and presses.


Our team consists of skilled graphic designers and creatives. So whether you're coming to us with a fully fledged idea and design and all you need is our printing services, we offer an artwork checking service. This means we make sure that of your artwork and designs would work will on the leaflet and would comply with any rules and regulations.


Even if all you have is a rough idea of what you want, we can work with that. We have a team of graphic designers who can put together your leaflet, flyers or booklets.


If you're looking to create A3 leaflets with us, then our prices start at only £89.00 for 500 leaflets. And that price includes standard UK delivery!