When it comes to businesses advertising, or an event wanting to reach a big an audience as possible, a lot of people rely on the tried and tested method of A5 leaflets.

A5 leaflets are extremely effective when it comes to advertising your event or company. That's why it is imperative to make your leaflet stand out from the crowd. So many businesses use leaflets and are vying for your attention. This means you need a leaflet which will make people sit up and notice.

Quality A5 leaflets from Affordable Leaflets

The team at Affordable Leaflets has a wealth of experience when it comes to designing and printing A5 leaflets. The company, based in Bolton near Manchester, is well established and has an excellent and trusted reputation amongst its customers.

Our in house designers can create the perfect leaflet for you. Or you can use your own design and we will just take care of the leaflet printing. We're completely flexible, giving you the freedom to have as much involvement as you wish.

Our A5 leaflets come quality as standard. In fact, we pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service, as well as our high quality art of gloss paper varying from 130gsm to 300gsm.

Royal Mail Affiliated

A5 leaflets are the perfect size of advertising to get your message known. They can easily fit through people's letterboxes, will go inside newspapers, can be displayed in shop windows and easily handed out on the street.

As we are Royal Mail affiliated, we can also offer door to door distribution. Now imagine how many A5 leaflets you get through your door from so many different businesses such as estate agents, hairdressers, communication companies, restaurants, cafes and takeaways. You want yours to be the one that catches any potential customer's eye with a sleek and powerful design.