When producing visual material for any business, it is important to realise the power of colour and the effect it can have on the subliminal mind and therefore affect customer behaviour. This use of colour to change opinions is constantly being used without us noticing.


Research has shown that customers make a decision about a product within 90 seconds of seeing it. It is also said that 92% of people said that they are most influenced by the look of their purchase, rather than the feel, smell or sound. This shows how much importance the visual aspect of any product, business or communication is and therefore how much priority should be put on design.


Colour plays a major part in our subconscious decision making. This is why brands put so much effort and thought into what their major colours should be. If done right, this branding could cement customer’s view of a company and not only that but keep your business at the forefront of your clients minds when thinking of that colour. For example, just a glimpse of a specific orange makes most people think of a certain budget travel company. There are certain colours that are commonly used in certain industries because of the impression they convey. So if you’re looking to rebrand yourself or your business here are some things to think about.


Red commonly conveys danger, as can be seen in day to day life in signs and symbols. It can also convey love, warmth and passion though and causes a quickening of the heart rate in people.


Purple has historically represented royalty because of the expense to produce it. Today it has kept its luxurious qualities especially in deep purples.


Pink being a very feminine colour suggests gentleness and caring. For this reasons you see many charities using it as well as spas to invoke a calming atmosphere.


Brown is understandably very natural and earthy, which is why many organic brands use this.


Green similarly to brown is a very natural colour but also suggests health and freshness. For this reason organic food companies may combine green and brown together.


Yellow is the happy sunshine colour that brightens people’s days. It’s proven to increase sales, however be aware - it does not convey a particularly serious brand.


Orange can symbolise lower cost but also can stimulate appetite which is why many fast food restaurants use it within their branding.


Blue is used by a lot of banks and corporate companies because of its trustworthy qualities. It also says a lot about cleanliness and coolness for obvious reasons.


At Affordable Leaflets we understand the importance of colour and how a subtle change can make a big different. We know that when a business has spent time choosing the right colour for them the printing of it needs to be right. It is for this reason that we have sourced the best printers for high quality products and yet still offer the best prices we can.