Direct Mail is one of the most established and widely used methods of marketing used by businesses in the UK, yet many business owners are still skeptical of its impact in terms of generating leads. In this week’s blog article, we’re looking at some direct mail stats, and how best to use it for your business.


A recent in-depth survey for the Royal Mail and Marketing Week had some pretty surprising results when it come to the public’s feeling towards direct mail. One would be forgiven for thinking it’s frowned upon, but in truth, ‘junk mail’ gets a really bad rep. 


Here are some of the stats from the survey:


93% of consumers like getting door drop product samples, vouchers and offers.


48% of the UK population responded to a direct mail piece they received in the past year.


87% of consumers remember door drops, whereas only 35% remember email.


51% of adults think door drops are great for information on local services.


75% of people will open direct mail they feel contains relevant information.


6.1 million people ordered something seen on a piece of direct mail.


There are many more stats like this, which really shows the public are more than willing to give direct mail their attention when it drops on to the mat.


It seems clear that the most successful direct mail campaigns are those that target existing customers, introducing them to new product lines or offering them some sort of reward for being loyal to your business. This just highlights the need to keep as many customer addresses as possible, rather than only taking their email address during a transaction and nothing else.


Another quite staggering statistic is that direct mail provides three times the return on investment that radio and press.


It’s important to remember when planning a direct mail strategy that you follow this basic formula to maximise its potential.


Grab the customers’ attention – Using a strong image or headline on your mailshot is vital in order to grab the reader’s interest and convince them to read the rest of the leaflet. Using high-gloss paper will further add to the impact.


Maintain the interest – It’s important to quickly inform the reader as to why you’re contacting them. Tell them what services you offer and what sets you apart from the competition. Do this concisely and clearly, using tools like bullet points and snappy sentences.

Create a desire – Make your offers limited in time or availability to make sure they customer knows they could miss out on this great deal you’re offering them. This makes it harder for them to resist and increases the chance of engagement.


What is it you need from them? – Make it clear what your customer has to do to take advantage of the offer. Do they need to call you and quote a code, or email their details somewhere? Making this as simple as possible is a great way to ensure they follow it through.


As more companies move their marketing budget towards digital contact there opportunity increases to really gain added value from direct mail.


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