In the world of leaflet printing, it can be very confusing trying to figure out which leaflet size and shape is the best for your marketing or adverting campaign. You have your standard A5, and you can also get the larger A4 and A3. However, we also print DL leaflets and flyers.


DL leaflets


DL leaflets sound slightly confusing as it isn't a paper size that everyone is familiar with. DL actually refers to an envelope size rather than a paper size. Normally, it works the other way with paper sizes having a corresponding envelope size, so, for example, A4 fits into a C4 envelope, A5 fits into a C5 envelope and so on. So when DL leaflets are printed, they are made to fit the envelope size.


Our DL leaflets come sized at 100mm x 210mm, which makes them roughly around a third of an A4. So it may sound like they're an odd shape for a leaflet but they're the perfect size to be slipped in with other letters or packages. Many businesses use them for countertop advertisement!


They're also a popular choice in the fashion/retail industries. Thanks to the shape, it's ideal for full-length portraits and full body shots. And the best part? DL leaflets are also best used for different form styles, such as telephone call notepads, receipt pads, and even questionnaires!


Your leaflets won't look the same as the average A5 leaflets and flyers that everyone else tends to lean towards.  So why not get DL leaflets printed instead and stand out from the crowd?


Affordable Leaflets, Bolton, Manchester


Here at Affordable Leaflets, we pride ourselves on trying our hardest to offer the UK's cheapest printing services. Our prices for DL leaflet printing start from £33.00 for 500 and that includes full colour and free standard UK delivery. We offer a national door to door distribution service, and we also have a team of very capable graphic designers! All of this means we're fully capable to handle your leaflet printing and leaflet distribution journey from start to end.