Millions of leaflets are printed and delivered across the UK every week proving they are still deemed as one of the most cost effective ways of promoting products and services for small local businesses to major national brands, however its worth pointing out that “cost effective” can bear no relation to the response levels you may receive. A successful leafleting campaign should be measured on return on investment not on how little or indeed how much was spent. Unlike many online print providers at Affordable Leaflets we don’t just print leaflets we can advise on the style, content and best way to target the right audience for your business, after all the most important part of a leaflet campaign is ensuring you get the required response.


So what are the key things you should consider for you leaflet printing? We would suggest you think about the following key areas.


  • Deciding on quantities: Firstly how many leaflets do you need to print, the best way to decide this is by reviewing the homes you would like to target, for example if your company installs UPVC windows you wouldn’t deliver your leaflet to a tenanted block of flats (obvious but it does happen). If you are a start-up business you may also want to target the same homes with the same offer on more than one occasion to ensure your sales message is noted.
  • Targeting your distribution: This can be done using a simple drive time measure, for example consumer data is readily available for how far customers will travel to purchase various items from white goods to furniture. Also ensuring your offer is targeted at the right time for consumers can also impact on response.
  • Choosing the right style of leaflet: Once you have decided on the quantity you then need to choose the style and size of your leaflet, think about your product or service and make sure you don’t try and cram too much information or images into a smaller leaflet just to keep the cost down, this can also have a negative effect on response. Your leaflet needs to create the right impact with your potential customer and it may only have seconds to do this before it’s discarded.
  • Creating the right impact through design& Quality: Also think about the quality of your promotional leaflet, again response levels can be directly impacted by trying to sell high quality products and services printed on low grade leaflet paper. Whilst 130gsm paper is pretty much the standard used for most leaflets this may not necessarily portray your offering in the right way to potential customers. Affordable Leaflets will be happy to advise you on what should work best for your company.
  • Creating urgency: Finally think about the content of you leaflet if you are trying to create an immediate response then may be put a special offer in on a product or service that can only be redeemed from bringing in the leaflet or quoting a code, also to create urgency ensure your offer has a final deadline try and avoid the use of “limited period only” or “hurry offer ends soon” be specific with your timing, that way you will be able to accurately measure your response.


Leaflet response levels tend to be around the 1% mark however this figure can and will vary dependant on how strong your offer is and how relevant it is to the audience targeted. This may be stating the obvious however we speak to many companies on a daily basis who haven’t really considered the above.


How to Get the Best Response From Leaflet Marketing Campaigns


Hopefully the above is helpful in planning your leaflet marketing campaign, if you need more help visit