We live, breath and dream about printing services, after all our company has leaflets in the name! And we'd like to think that we know a thing or two about printing. More and more regularly, we get asked about different paper thickness and whether it actually make a difference to the final product?


Well there's no straight answer to this question. It all depends on what you'll be using your leaflet, business card, brochure etc for. If your advertising material will be part of a letter drop, then it's worth getting a better quality and thicker paper. It will be able to withstand more than the thinner, cheaper paper. And who's going to read a leaflet that's been squashed and crumpled in the post?


Paper thickness is measured in grams per metre (GSM) and starts at around 50 GSM (think about how thin a sheet of news paper is) up to around 400/450 GSM (high quality card thickness.)


These are our recommendations about what paper thickness to use for what printed product -


  • Business cards


You want to give off the best first impression possible don't you? And that's what business cards tend to be, a first impression. So we would suggest card that is at least 300/350 GSM. It's also worth thinking about what finish you'd like your business card to have, gloss, silk, soft touch, spot light? All of those little details make a big difference.


  • Leaflets


When it comes to leaflets, you need to think about where they going to be shown or posted. We'd suggest a lower GSM paper for things like a take-away menu. For pieces of advertisement that need to be posted or handed out at events, we suggest around a 150 GSM. 


  • Letterheads and compliment slips 


If your company sends out a lot of postal correspondence, it could be worth looking into having some letterheads and compliment slips printed. We wouldn't suggest going too thick with the GSM for these as it needs to be light enough to be able to post without extra postage fees. 


Affordable Leaflets - Affordable printing! 


If you're in need of our printing services during the festive season, don't hesitate to get in touch today! We have an experience in house team who are able to work with you and put together your perfect art work, if you don't already have it!