Designing a leaflet is just as important and integral in the success of its campaign as the actual printing of it. A good design means good business. If you get the design right, it attracts your target audience and makes people sit up and take notice. It will convey the message you are wanting to make in just one design. At Affordable Leaflets, Bolton, we have a team of talented designers with years of experience in unique and innovative design. They can help create the best leaflets for your business.

Alternatively, we welcome any ideas and designs from your company as ultimately it's your company and you know exactly the direction you are aiming for with it!


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Presentation. When people first see your leaflets, the first thing to attract them will be the overall presentation. It creates the first impression, so it is imperative to get it right. After all, how many leaflets do you receive in the post and just put them straight in the bin?

Content. Content is another important factor in leaflets. If your content is difficult and boring to read, you're going to lose people's attention pretty quickly. Keep it concise and brief. Leave the reader wanting to know more about your company, but give enough information to initially get their interest.

Images & graphics. Images on a leaflet are self explanatory. If they're colourful and striking, you're more likely to capture your audience's attention.

Creativity. People enjoy new ideas. If your leaflets look just like everyone else's, then why should people bother to entertain it?

Paper. This may sound silly, but if people receive your leaflet printed on cheap paper, they probably won't take much interest in your business. After all, will you cut corners with other aspects of your company if you aren't prepared to spend on the advertising?