Search Engine Optimisation for Estate Agents

Search Engine Optimisation is an extremely powerful tool in the world of internet advertising. Unfortunately, many businesses are missing out on vital leads as potential customers and clients don’t know about them or their website. Of course, print advertising is extremely effective. It is able to reach a wide and varied audience that more modern methods may be unable to. However, print media isn't the only thing we specialise in. Stop and think about the last time you needed a restaurant recommendation, or you were asked a question about a hairdresser near you. Did you dig out the local newspaper? Or did you look it up online? Chances are, technology prevailed, as it so often does.


Here at Affordable Leaflets, Manchester, we actively promote Search Engine Optimisation. We look after an array of clients who have found this technique effective, not least of all Estate Agents. Cardwells Estate Agents, based in Bolton, Bury, Whitefield, Prestwich, Worsley and Walkden have been entrusting us with their media advertising for a long time now and have seen proven results through SEO. We work closely with every one of our clients, helping them to build a competent web presence. So how can Search Engine Optimisation be so beneficial for Estate Agents? The marketing business is an extremely competitive field. So, when someone searches for an Estate Agent near them, you need to be ranking high in Google for anyone to take notice.


Search Engine Optimisation Bolton, Manchester, North West

Keyword Research effectively helps us to see what people are searching for. In turn, this allows us to convert it into relevant content for your website, thus making your company more widely known. Affordable Leaflets focus on keeping up to date with the way technology and language are evolving. In other words, we understand people type how they speak, for example, ‘how do I contact Cardwells?’ We then use this knowledge and filter it through into your website’s content.


To sum up, Search Engine Optimisation should never be underestimated, especially when it comes to companies who are reaching out to such a vast market, such as Estate Agents. Be clever and get ahead of your competition. After all, people just want a company they can trust.