Small Businesses can always use a cash injection, especially when awaiting payments from clients, or just after that big invoice has left your account.


We’ve put together a list of ideas for ways in which you can give your monthly income a boost, whilst also raising your profile. All it takes is some creativity, and a little effort.


  1. 1.    A Business Calendar


A printed calendar is a superb way in which to raise funds. They present an excellent opportunity to raise your company’s profile too. Consider running competitions for local children to draw pictures or local photographers to contribute images for the pages of the calendar.


It’s also a good idea to look into selling advertising space to local businesses within your calendar, which both fills the pages, and gives you a chance to network with other local businesses.


You can also rope your staff in to posing for photos in the calendar if they’re up for it. This increases the chances of you selling more copies to their friends and families.


  1. 2.    Draft in Volunteers


If you’re looking at organizing a fundraising event for your business, such as a car wash or a fun run, remember to tap into the goodwill of volunteers. They can be family members of your staff, or local helpers who are looking for experience to add to their CVs. People who are willing to volunteer for a good cause are generally super friendly and energetic so are great ambassadors for your business.


  1. 3.    Use a Consulting Service


There are a lot of professional fundraising bodies out there who can advise, and even carry out, campaigns on your behalf. They’re great at increasing the reach and attention generated by your fundraising events, but do remember they can be expensive and take their cut of the funds raised. Put simply, they’re great for the larger more structured campaigns, but if it’s a smaller local event you’re planning, then you’ll probably be able to manage without.


  1. 4.    Targeted Fundraising Letters


Never discount the kindness of strangers. Often, a well-formed fundraising letter can work wonders. Set out the cause, the reason and the request concisely in a letter to your target, and follow it up. Don’t be afraid to use humour and creativity in your outreach, and aim them towards people you think will be sympathetic to your cause.


  1. 5.    Crowdfunding


This new phenomenon has been a revelation and has given start-up and existing small businesses a great opportunity to raise funds, though remember; often it does involve giving away equity in return for the investment.


It’s normally carried out by registering the request on a crowdfunding website, giving detailed descriptions of the business, the amount required, and the return offered. Then waiting for people to apply to help. Though remember, you don’t always have to give out equity to those kind enough to contribute. Often, simply explaining your need for the funding is enough to convince people to help.


A simple Google search of ‘Crowdfunding’ will give you all the information you require on the process.




We hope our selection of funding ideas has inspired you to get up and get funding. We’d love to hear from you if you’ve any further questions about to how get your fundraising ideas off the ground using exciting and captivating stationary such as flyers and posters!


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