If you're a small company just starting out, it's crucial to realise the important of having a fully functioning website for your future customers. Working alongside our sister company North West Design Studios we are able to create websites to your satisfaction, within your time frame and most importantly, to your budget!

So before we create a website, you need to decide what kind of website would work best for your business.

Simple HTML

A simple HTML is perfect for those small businesses who just need a website as a point of reference and to show customers what the business is about. It's the most basic style of website and can be created in a short time scale and to a small budget.

CMS - content management system

If you'd like a website that you can control and manage yourself, then you need a website that has a content management system built in. We tend to use WordPress as our CMS as we find it is the most user friendly. Don't worry if you've never worked with websites before, our developers will take the time to show you how it all works!


If your planning to sell your products through your website then you need a e-Commerce driven website such as Magento. Our website developers are fully trained when it comes to installing Magento onto your website, and they will of course spend time showing you how it all works. After all, it is your website!

We are also able to host websites! Which means you don't need to go anywhere else for any of your website needs!

Affordable Leaflets

If you have any questions or issues relating to a new website, or any of the other printing services that we provide, why not get in touch with one of our team today? We're always more than happy to help answer any questions as best as we can.